Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our summer so far.

First off, sorry for not posting anything forever, we didnt have internet again for a while. Things have been pretty good the past couple months. We got sealed on May 30th, which was awesome. Here are a couple pictures outside the temple right after we got sealed.

Another exciting thing that happened that day was Kendra laughing for her first time! It was so cute, and we've only been able to get her to laugh on more time since then. Kendra learned how to roll over from her back to her stomach this week. She doesnt like being on her stomach, so she just gets mad. She'll roll in her bed then scream for a while until she falls asleep. Shes pretty close to being able to roll back onto her back. Shes also started teething this week, so I havent been getting a lot of sleep. So today we sent her to Aberdeen to spend some time with my parents. We will go get her tomorrow, so it will be a nice opportunity to catch up on sleep.
Our apartment also flooded the weekend we got sealed, and we're still having problems with mold. Hopefully we will get that taken care of this week, and hopefully we won't have to move yet again.
Well not much is happening besides that. Here are a couple cute pictures of Kendra.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just life...

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. We no longer own any animals, we FINALLY sold our Accord that has been sitting in Jerry and Rozan's driveway for months, and we set our date to get sealed! We've been taking the temple prep classes, and even though its just a lot of review about things I've learned since sunbeams, it has a completely different meaning to me now at this point in my life. I am SO excited to be sealed to James and Kendra, whereas it was just normal to be sealed to my parents and brothers and sisters, it was always that way and I never questioned it. Now I have a testimony of the fact that Ill get to be with my family forever, and I dont want it any other way! I cant imagine ever being without them. Im very excited to be sealed!
Another exciting thing is that we get to go to Seattle next weekend! We are going to 2 Red Sox/Mariners games. My Aunt Sue and her husband are Mariners fans, so they are going to go with us to a game. James and my brother in law John have never been to Seattle, and Audrey and I have both been and both love it, so we are really excited to go!
Katherine went to prom last weekend, and she looked so beautiful, here are a couple pictures!

Kendra was being really cute the other day when I was changing her, and I couldnt help but resist to take some pictures...this one is my absolute favorite.

Kendra really likes to just lay on the floor on her blanket and watch tv with us. She usually just lays there and watches or sucks on her hand until she decides she wants to be mad. Well today, she hadn't had a nap in a really long time, and I looked down and her and she was just watching tv like normal. A couple minutes later, I looked at her and she was out! It was so cute, so of course I took pictures!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Cute little girl

Kendra is getting cuter every day, I know I already posted today but I had more cute pictures! The last three are of Kendra just talking to me and smiling and being way cute. The first two I love. She has been getting really good at pulling herself to a sitting position when I give her my hands to pull herself up with. well this morning I'd give her my fingers and she'd grab them and pull herself up, then she'd put her mouth on my pinkie and just suck on it, then she'd lay down and do it again. After a few times she's just put her mouth on my pinkie for a second then smile then lay back down, it was a fun little game for her! It was adorable. Then I tried standing her up to see if she would actually do it or if she'd just collapse her legs, and she was standing up pretty good! She was taking cute little steps all over my stomach. I don't have any pictures of that but I was so proud!


The past week has been pretty rough on this Miller family. My sister and her family all got a flu, and they thought they were all better so we went over there to do laundry. Well apparently their kids weren't better, and James ended up getting it. He was sick for about 2 days, then I got it. When I started feeling sick, my mom and sister offered to take Kendra to Aberdeen for the night, so she wouldn't catch it and so I wouldn't have to worry about her while I was sick. It was really hard, but I really didn't want her to get sick, so I let them take her. I cried when she left, and I cried a few times before we went to bed, then I started feeling really sick around 5 in the morning and I was glad that they had her because I wouldn't have been able to take care of her and James had to work. I started to feel better the next day and they brought her back. It was very hard to be away from my baby girl, I hated it!! Turns out that it didnt even help that they took her, because she still got sick. She was throwing up out of her nose and she slept for almost two days! I think we are all finally feeling better.

I was trying to keep Kendra away from James while he was sick, so we were in the living room playing while he was sleeping. She was being really cute while I was getting her dresses and I couldnt resist taking some pictures!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jr. Miss

My little sister Katherine decided to do Jr Miss this year. When she asked me to do her hair and makeup, I was so excited. Growing up I always liked experimenting with different styles with my hair and her hair, we would spend hours just letting me try different things, its something i've always enjoyed. I never did Jr. Miss, so shopping for her dresses and figuring our hairstyles was really fun for me. She looked so beautiful up on stage! I was really glad that I could be a part of her experience. The theme was twilight, which was interesting but kind of cool. The Cullens and Bella were the MCs, all of the music was from the movie, and they had to wear sparkles so they looked like vampires in the sun, it was cheesy. Here are some picture of her at Jr. Miss. The suit is the opening number outfit, the white dress is her talent outfit (she played piano) and the blue dress is her poise outfit.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ok for those of you who don't know, James and I are living in Chubbuck, ID. James is working for Pepsi, and Im staying home with the baby for now, but trying to find a job asap! Kendra was born on 2/24/09 and she is growing so fast. I have been horrible at updating the blog but ill keep up with it i promise!

Here are the most recent pictures of Kendra. There are a couple that were taken sunday in her blessing dress.