Saturday, June 27, 2009

Our summer so far.

First off, sorry for not posting anything forever, we didnt have internet again for a while. Things have been pretty good the past couple months. We got sealed on May 30th, which was awesome. Here are a couple pictures outside the temple right after we got sealed.

Another exciting thing that happened that day was Kendra laughing for her first time! It was so cute, and we've only been able to get her to laugh on more time since then. Kendra learned how to roll over from her back to her stomach this week. She doesnt like being on her stomach, so she just gets mad. She'll roll in her bed then scream for a while until she falls asleep. Shes pretty close to being able to roll back onto her back. Shes also started teething this week, so I havent been getting a lot of sleep. So today we sent her to Aberdeen to spend some time with my parents. We will go get her tomorrow, so it will be a nice opportunity to catch up on sleep.
Our apartment also flooded the weekend we got sealed, and we're still having problems with mold. Hopefully we will get that taken care of this week, and hopefully we won't have to move yet again.
Well not much is happening besides that. Here are a couple cute pictures of Kendra.