Thursday, May 7, 2009

Just life...

The past few weeks have been pretty eventful. We no longer own any animals, we FINALLY sold our Accord that has been sitting in Jerry and Rozan's driveway for months, and we set our date to get sealed! We've been taking the temple prep classes, and even though its just a lot of review about things I've learned since sunbeams, it has a completely different meaning to me now at this point in my life. I am SO excited to be sealed to James and Kendra, whereas it was just normal to be sealed to my parents and brothers and sisters, it was always that way and I never questioned it. Now I have a testimony of the fact that Ill get to be with my family forever, and I dont want it any other way! I cant imagine ever being without them. Im very excited to be sealed!
Another exciting thing is that we get to go to Seattle next weekend! We are going to 2 Red Sox/Mariners games. My Aunt Sue and her husband are Mariners fans, so they are going to go with us to a game. James and my brother in law John have never been to Seattle, and Audrey and I have both been and both love it, so we are really excited to go!
Katherine went to prom last weekend, and she looked so beautiful, here are a couple pictures!

Kendra was being really cute the other day when I was changing her, and I couldnt help but resist to take some pictures...this one is my absolute favorite.

Kendra really likes to just lay on the floor on her blanket and watch tv with us. She usually just lays there and watches or sucks on her hand until she decides she wants to be mad. Well today, she hadn't had a nap in a really long time, and I looked down and her and she was just watching tv like normal. A couple minutes later, I looked at her and she was out! It was so cute, so of course I took pictures!


Kim and Tony Miller said...

Kendra is beautiful! I can't wait to meet her in a month!

Amber said...

Kendra is so cute, she looks like she is getting so big. I'm so happy that you guys are getting sealed. It is such a wonderfull experiance.