Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jr. Miss

My little sister Katherine decided to do Jr Miss this year. When she asked me to do her hair and makeup, I was so excited. Growing up I always liked experimenting with different styles with my hair and her hair, we would spend hours just letting me try different things, its something i've always enjoyed. I never did Jr. Miss, so shopping for her dresses and figuring our hairstyles was really fun for me. She looked so beautiful up on stage! I was really glad that I could be a part of her experience. The theme was twilight, which was interesting but kind of cool. The Cullens and Bella were the MCs, all of the music was from the movie, and they had to wear sparkles so they looked like vampires in the sun, it was cheesy. Here are some picture of her at Jr. Miss. The suit is the opening number outfit, the white dress is her talent outfit (she played piano) and the blue dress is her poise outfit.

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