Monday, April 27, 2009


The past week has been pretty rough on this Miller family. My sister and her family all got a flu, and they thought they were all better so we went over there to do laundry. Well apparently their kids weren't better, and James ended up getting it. He was sick for about 2 days, then I got it. When I started feeling sick, my mom and sister offered to take Kendra to Aberdeen for the night, so she wouldn't catch it and so I wouldn't have to worry about her while I was sick. It was really hard, but I really didn't want her to get sick, so I let them take her. I cried when she left, and I cried a few times before we went to bed, then I started feeling really sick around 5 in the morning and I was glad that they had her because I wouldn't have been able to take care of her and James had to work. I started to feel better the next day and they brought her back. It was very hard to be away from my baby girl, I hated it!! Turns out that it didnt even help that they took her, because she still got sick. She was throwing up out of her nose and she slept for almost two days! I think we are all finally feeling better.

I was trying to keep Kendra away from James while he was sick, so we were in the living room playing while he was sleeping. She was being really cute while I was getting her dresses and I couldnt resist taking some pictures!


Amber said...

Awe I'm sorry you all got sick. Thats no fun. Hope eveyone is feeling better soon.

Kim and Tony Miller said...

Sick kids are no fun. It is always so scary especially when they are newborns. I am glad you are all feeling better!